I'm amber.

I am a lover of summertime, a chaser of light, and a creator of moments.

When I'm not front and center, capturing your most perfect memories, you can find me hanging out with my dogs, making (or buying) candles, camping, or going on adventures. I love to create and make new things- learning new skills is my absolute favorite thing to do.

From grass-roots


I started this journey in 2014 by complete happenstance. I had an ancient camera laying around and one of my friends wanted maternity images, so I figured why not give it a shot. It was then, at 18 years old, I found my passion. Composing those moments and showing people what they look like in a completely different light, my light, brings me fulfillment like nothing else ever has. I have always been the shy, quiet one in the back of the room, until you get a camera in my hand. I can imagine the whole composition of each image I take before I create it, and creating each memory is my specialty.

Seeing your moments through my lens gives me a whole new perspective.

Creating authentic memories

for you.

I strive to capture life's little moments; big or small, in the most authentic way possible. I cater to those comfortable in front of the camera with more lifestyle moments, and also those that aren’t so comfortable; utilizing my expert posing and prompting knowledge to offer a truly stress-free photographic experience. I hold true to those Hometown and Small Business attributes you expect when working with a Small Business. I don't just take your photos, I build a lasting relationship with you.

I am sometimes the first to find out you are expecting, and I cherish that little secret until I deliver your announcement images. I get a front row seat to every little moment on your wedding day, and am trusted to capture every little detail. 

I am one of the first people to meet your precious little newborn you just brought home, and the one to capture the true essence of that perfect, brand-new baby in that fleeting newborn stage; that never seems to last long enough. 

I seek to be more- more than just a random photographer that you’d go to just because they’re having a sale.

I strive to capture your life, grow with your family as you do and memorialize every step of the way.